Sugarcraft Ornimental Cabbage with Succulants
from Ann's Sugarcraft Heaven. sugarcraft ornimental cabbage

New for 2014 the Rustic Cake sugarcraft decorations.

They're back and they're beautiful. There's no denying ornamental cabbage and flowering kale along with the subtle colours of succulants can provide color and style to your wedding cake / occasion cake.

Why not mix and match with any of my other sugarcraft designs.

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Ann's Sugarcraft Heaven

What are succulants:
A succulent (from the Latin word 'succos', meaning juice) is a plant that has evolved various ways to survive its hostile environment. the living plants are able to store water in their leaves and stems so that they can tolerate dry conditions. Most have thick leaves and stems that act like water storage tanks, in the past few years they’ve become more high profile due to their low maintenance requirements, unusual plant forms, wide variety, and stunning colors which make them ideal to emulate in sugarcraft and incorperate into many of my designs.