Wedding Cake Flowers - Cymbidium Orchids
from Ann's Sugarcraft Heaven.Wedding cake flowers cymbidium orchids

This large exotic beauty comes in many different shades from pastels to vibrant colours,

shown in combination here pale ivory/green & deep rose mixed with buds & pink rose buds.
on a 12" 9"and 6" Wedding cake and contains 1 topper, 2 cascades and 4 single Orchids, you can of course make up your own combination with your colour theme in mind, if you wish to discuss your ideas or need help deciding please give me a call, my number and email can be found on the front of my website.

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Pronounced Sim-bi’-deyum and also called Boat Orchids, this beauty has a genus of fifty two species in the Cymbidium orchid family. Derived from a Greek word meaning hole or cavity, the name refers to the base of the lip of the flower and comes in different sizes. The larger flower grows at high altitudes and generally grows in tropical and subtropical Asia in countries such as China, Japan, India, Borneo, Malaysia and the Philippines as well as northern Australia.
Today, the meanings of orchids are generally regarded as a symbolic of rare and delicate beauty. Orchids are the most popular houseplant, a top honor they share with the peace lily. Their charm and mystique delight those who receive them, for few other flowers have the ability to impress their recipient in the same way that the orchid can. Among the many different types of flowers available, the orchid holds a special place as one of the most alluring and captivating, making them a special choice for the treasured people in your cake flowers
During the Victorian era, orchid symbolism shifted to luxury, and today this sense of magnificence and artful splendor continues, with orchids representing rare and delicate beauty. The 14th wedding anniversary flower, pink orchids convey pure affection, and the popular cattelya orchid represents mature charm.

On your Wedding Day couples want a flower that holds a special meaning and complements their color theme all of these traits can be found In the Wedding Orchids ,people choose these lovely Exotic Flowers and so have become all the rage In Weddings


Cutting the wedding cake is now part of the ritual celebrations at the reception. The couple make the first cut together to symbolise their shared future. Cakes have been associated with weddings throughout history. The Romans shared a cake during the wedding ceremony itself. This was not the rich fruit-cake we enjoy today. It was a plain confection made from wheat flour, salt and water. The Fijians and Some Native American tribes still incorporate cake in the wedding ceremonies. In Britain early cakes were flat and round and contained fruit and nuts which symbolise fertility. In the past the custom was to throw many small cakes over the bride in a similar way in which we throw confetti today. A modification of this custom was to crumble cake over the brides head and in some versions to break the cake over the Bride's head. In Scotland Oat Cakes were used for this purpose. This was done to promote fertility. In Yorkshire a plate holding wedding cake was thrown out of the window as the bride returned to her parental home after the wedding. If the plate broke she would enjoy a happy future with her husband but if the plate remained intact her future would be grim. Another old English custom was to place a ring in the wedding cake. The guest who found the ring in their the piece of cake would be ensured happiness for the next year. The shape of the modern three tiered iced cake is believed to have been inspired by the spire of Saint Bride's Church in the City of London. It is said that unmarried guests who place a piece of wedding cake under their pillow before sleeping will increase there prospects of finding a partner and bridesmaids who do likewise will dream of their future husbands. The top tier of the cake is often kept by couples for the christening of their first child.  


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