Wedding Cake Flowers - De-Luxe Gerberas
from Ann's Sugarcraft Heaven. gerbera wedding cake flowers

Colourful and bright De-Luxe Gerberas come in many shades of the rainbow, mixed spray shown here with silk leaves & bear grass.on 9" dummy cake 

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Ann's Sugarcraft Heaven

Gerbera Daisy Meaning : Brightly-colored orange gerbera daisies represent feelings of warmth and creativity. Giving orange gerbera daisies to someone will convey a message of friendship and kindness. Because of the bold color, orange gerbera daises also represent sunshine and happiness.

The gerbera daisy was discovered in 1884 near Barberton, South Africa, by Scotsman Robert Jameson. While the flower's scientific name, Gerbera jamesonii, recollects the name of its founder, the meaning of its common name draws from German naturalist Traugott Gerber. Breeding programs that began in England in 1890 enhanced the flower's quality and color variations. The gerbera daisy's popularity soon traveled to growers in the Netherlands which, along with Columbia, is the primary distributor of the flower's cut version today. The gerbera currently ranks as the fifth most popular flower in the worldGerbera wedding cake flowers

On your Wedding Day couples want a flower that holds a special meaning and complements their color theme all of these traits can be found In the Gerbera flower, people choose these lovely colourful Flowers and so have become all the rage In Weddings