Bright Orange Oriental Sugar Flower Lilies.
from Ann's Sugarcraft Heaven.
Sugar Flowers Oriental Lilies

Exotic oriental sugar lilies look fantastic on a chocolate Wedding cake available in medium 13cm
and large 15cm, shown here on a 6" 9" and 12" dummy

Origin of Oriental Lilies
The Oriental lilies have been cultivated for a longer time than most plants, around the world. Oriental lilies have been found in gardens for over 3000 years. It is native to the lily species of Korea and Japan. The Oriental lily is the largest flower that can grow up to 6 feet tall. Horticulturists have developed many hybrids of Oriental lilies. The Oriental lilies have remained the favorite of all flower enthusiasts around the world, due to their large size and pleasing smell.

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What is the Meaning of Oriental Lilies?
The Oriental lilies meaning is very simple and beautiful. The oriental lilies meaning is 'universal symbol for beauty'. They express an air of wealth and decadence. Therefore, they are great as congratulatory gifts for people who have been recently promoted or even those who have found their dream job. Oriental lilies meaning of beauty also makes them good wedding flowers. This is because the Oriental lilies meaning also includes purity and innocent beauty.

Sugar Flowers Oriental Lilies

On your Wedding Day couples want a flower that holds a special meaning and complements their color theme all of these traits can be found In the Wedding Lilies ,people choose these lovely Exotic Flowers and so have become all the rage In Weddings